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Welcome to Vacation Bible Camp 2019!

Providence Presbyterian Church Children’s Ministry is excited to bring the church and our community an evening Vacation Bible Camp (VBC) this year. To Mars & Beyond VBS will take our Voyagers on a space travel adventure to explore where God’s power can take them! Along the journey, Voyagers discover a new realm of possibilities as they reach for the stars and encounter the limitless power and love of God!

Explore where God’s power can take you

Experience exciting stories from the Bible

Encounter God’s limitless love and power

Discover ways to serve God and others

Vacation Bible Camp is for children who are rising kindergartners through 6th grade. We highly encourage parents to volunteers for at least one night. Volunteers with children too young to participate are offered on site child care while they help with the camp.

Supper together is a part of the program, and campers are asked to bring their own meals. Local pick-up food options include Elevation Burger, Chipotle, and many others.

Every night we start check-in at 5:15, and the day's mission briefing starts at 5:30. Then we eat supper in our groups, rotate to two activity sessions, have a sweet snack, and close in a mission wrap-up at 7:30. Activities include games, crafts, dress up bible stories, music, science, and mission projects. The solar telescope, rocket lab, and much much more await! Join the crew and lets take off!

Registration cutoff is July 15th.
$20 per kid
$50 for a family of three or more

How to pay:

By check. Make check out to Providence Presbyterian Church, and write VBC and campers’ names in the memo field. Mail to Providence Presbyterian Church, 9019 Little River Turnpike, Fairfax VA 22031 or hand deliver to the church office, Monday to Friday, between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

By credit card. Pay at

Paypal: Once you register and request Paypal we will send you a PayPal invoice.

To Mars and Beyond!

Serving Kindergarten through 6th grade

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9019 Little River Turnpike
Hope DiGiusto
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